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Monday, March 30, 2015

Lucky Chouette AW'15

Hi, guys! Last weekend, I was invited by WannabK to see one of my favorite Korean brands, Lucky Chouette Fashion Show, on display at the 5-star Grand Hyatt Hotel.  Lucky Chouette was founded by the designer Jae Hyun Kim (owner of  Jardin de Chouette) and launched in 2009.  Jae Hyun Kim strived to create a unique and wonderfully romantic brand that blends street style with military undertones.  
Colorful and vibrant themes sensualize dramatic silhouettes by employing distinctive ruffles and pleats.  The pieces feature incredible details that are lovely to the eye, as they offer a playful and lighthearted appeal.   The brand’s logo, a cute “Owl,” is charming and endearing for fans.  It was an amazing experience to see their upcoming collection that featured modified versions of a Brass Button’s pea coat and a silk dress line from Jardin de Chouette.  

Lucky Chouette is already well known in Korea as a fun and luxurious style for younger people.  It is a very trendy brand not only among Korean fashionistas, but it’s also popular with many Korean celebrities.  Culminating at the end of Seoul Fashion Week, I view it to be in the top tier of collections for women’s wear.  I loved the elegance, femininity, and chicness of the pieces.  Those traits totally describe my sense of style.  

My favorite highlights included seeing a lot of sequin details and work done with fur that enhances a sense of indulgence.  The smiling and flirting while walking of top models like Hyoni Kang and Irene Kim were perfect in showcasing these pieces.  Vivid colors, bold accessories, and sequin shoes helped capture my attention even further.  I hope you can also enjoy these sophisticated and sharp silhouettes in their upcoming line.  

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ready for Summer

Hi, sweeties! I'm leaving to South Korea tomorrow and am feeling a little bit nervous about my flight! I hope Seoul is comparatively warm to Virginia. It feels like a summer! I decided to wear something summerish in case it's chilly in Korea. 
I'm wearing a cute crop top that you can buy at my store, though, t I'm going to close my shop while I stay in Seoul.  Maybe you can check it out later. A yellow maxi skirt is definitely perfect for summer along with a light jacket to protect against the sun or wind. Are you ready to skip Spring and head straight to Summer?
Skirt | here   Jacket | here   Bracelet | here

Monday, March 16, 2015

OOTD: Monochrome

Hi, guys! I'm very sorry for being a little bit slow. The reason for not publishing so often is that my normal routine was interrupted by a trip to Boston, and now I'm getting ready to leave to South Korea for Fashion Week! I hope you can follow my trip on Instagram (@differentcands) or add me on Snapchat (Queenhorsfall).

Today, I was inspired to wear a monochrome look - just grey and black. I'm not a big fan of boring monochrome outfits,  even though they often look great as images. I thought that my star printed blouse would spice up my look to keep it unique and at a safe distance from anything pedestrian. 

Blazer | here    Bracelet | here    Shoes | here